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I am able to provide consultant services from the moment an idea sparks. Realising an idea to a profitable product is not easy and requires a lot of experience with market needs, tools and machines. So let me take over some of these processes. I provide services from computer aided design to prototype manufacturing of small batches. In house 3D printing,  soldering, cnc cutting and programming will ensure short leadtimes.  It´s not a one man project? So profit from my large local and international network of professionals.

Dario Huth founder of Protodude


Schematic and board design

Design functionality, create the heart of your product.

Let me design your PCB as of your requirements.  Most things are  possible. I am experienced with a variety of Processors like PIC, AVR, ARM, Diablo16, Picaso, Goldelox ESP, Wiznet.
Let´s discuss your requirements and future plans so you have space upwards. 

Enclosure and mech. part design

A perfect fit for your electronics

I can design enclosures and parts for any kind of device and project. 
Let´s discuss the requirements and we will find a suiting solution which will not only be a shell but a perfect feel and look. It must also meet standards for the dedicated environment it will be used in.  

Prototype manufacturing

Fuse all parts and components together

I can source the components, make sure first or second source components are available. Once all components have arrived the soldering process can start, connectors can be fittet into the enclosure and the pcb fitted. Once the assembly process is finished the firmware can be flashed onto the controller and checked for proper functionality. 

3D printing service

Save costs on casts or print low volume parts

3D printing has a wide variety of materials available.  You are unsure what is possible? I can sure help you there. Did you know that dozens of plastics and nearly every metal can be used for 3D Printing?  A fused deposit modeling (FDM) 3D Printer is available in-house, if other 3d printing technologies are required ,  I can source those externally.
I am certified 3D Systems printer technician for industrial and consumer printers  with plenty experience in 3D printer installation, setup, maintenance and customer education.  
Furthermore I can repair STL files, post process 3D Scans and get them materialized. 


Display HMI Design

A well designed user interface will enhance user experience and customer satisfaction.

It does not matter if a dot-matrix-, colour-LCD or OLED DIsplay. I can design an encouraging interface which will make the user satisfied using it.  
I am very experienced with displays from 4D Systems of any model and size. 
Also with charakter displays using the HD44780 parallel interface chipset. 
You call it, I deal with it.

Device programming

Software development

I can do your Software development for PIC, AVR, ARM, x86 and 4D Systems Grafics Processors in C, C++, 4DGL, LUA and Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP.
However I am no full blown Software Developer. Speak with me about whats possible.  

Refurbish electronics

Let´s get it back to life

Broken does not mean it cannot be fixed. Usually people tend to throw away stuff too quick. Sometimes only the fuse is broken but the product goes to waste. If you are looking to get something fixed, send me a more or less detailed describtion and I get back to you with recommendations.

Who is Protodude?

Short Introduction

Hello my name is Dario Huth and I am an Electronics Engineer and founder of Protodude. I am always looking for interesting projects and cooperations.  I love learning new skills and over the years I have aquired quite a wide range skillset.  Currently I am based in vienna, austria. However working with me does not require a common location. I am used to work internationally using latest technologies such as  Office 365, Slack, Github, Skype etc.  I am convinced global teams are possible even though timzones can be confusing as the world never sleeps. 

Dario Huth

Electronics Engineer and founder of Protodude

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